FAQ: Applying to my group

Are there available positions? 

I will advertise open positions on the front page of this website. I will keep the size of my group relatively small for the next few years so expect limited positions. 

How can I decide whether this group is suited for my background and research interest? 

First, you can look at a few recent papers I published. These are usually the best representation of my current research interest. My group primarily works on theoretical aspects of Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning. For instance, I have no expertise in Deep RL and I do not work with robots in general. 

What do I need to apply?

You will need an up-to-date CV highlighting your degrees, your research and professional experience and background. According to the requirements from the doctoral programs I take part in, I will also ask for a motivation letter, ideally in one or two page maximum, highlighting why you would like to work in my group and why you think your background and research interest matches mine.  There are additional documents such as recommendation letters and track records that need to be uploaded to these platforms. 

When can I apply? 

The deadline for both these programs is usually in November. I am aware that this calendar does not match many masters in Europe and I will think about alternative application options but for now I am not offering any. 

I am beginning my master, what should I study if I want to apply to your group? 

I work on RL Theory, so a solid background in maths, statistics, statistical learning theory is important to apply to my group. Knowing about RL in general is good, but it could be done though a course on control theory or stochastic processes. 

Can I do an internship in your group?

I do have the capacity, currently, to take master student interns. I do consider open such positions in the future, so please stay tuned. 

My professor said I could contact you because they heard you may be hiring.

I am grateful for recommendations from professors who know my work. If you are emailing me on behalf of your professor, please name them and give me some details about your applications. If you have applied to one of the doctoral program I support, you can additionally notify me by email about such recommendation but please do not expect an answer as I cannot reply to all spontaneous applications.